West Broadway Restaurant


Come visit us at Akbar’s Own, as we may be the best West Broadway Restaurant out there. We are definitely among the best restaurants in the Vancouver area. At Akbar’s Own, we are a family run restaurant in the heart of Vancouver that is committed to creating the best experience possible for our wonderful customers. Dining with us is an unforgettable experience that anyone can enjoy. We prepare our food fresh with only the best ingredients possible. You can expect wonderful service in a one of a kind atmosphere, where you can enjoy good food with friends and 1313123277301family. We serve many traditional Indian dishes, as well as some new, contemporary dishes that are unique to Akbar’s Own. These dishes are loved by our loyal customers, as well as those who are trying us out for the time. Dining at Akbar’s Own is a wonderful experience that cannot be fully comprehended until you have dined with us for the first time. Dining with us is definitely not a choice that you will regret.


image17We serve a wide variety of Indian dishes at Akbar’s Own. You can get a dish that specializes in vegetables, chicken, beef, lamb, rice, or seafood. No matter which one you choose, your dish will be freshly prepared and delicious. You can choose between mild, medium, and hot sauce for your dish as well. We offer a large variety of soups, salads, breads, sides, and appetizers that you can choose to go with your meal. We like to offer our customers many different choices, so they can choose a meal that specifically fits their preferences. After your meal, most of our customers like to finish off with one of our famous desserts. We offer five incredibly delicious desserts, such as Mango Ice Cream and Mango Cheese Cake. Come try out some of dishes, as it is almost guaranteed that you will enjoy them greatly.

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1905 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1Z3

Tel: 604-736-8180


Mon - Fri11:30AM - 10PM
Sat - Sun12PM - 10PM