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A wedding is supposed to be a very special event. The planning that undergoes this event is tremendous and can take weeks, if not months. Every tiny detail needs to be planned out so that this day comes out perfect. After all, it is one of the most important day of your life: a celebration of two people embarking on the journey of their lives, together.  And everyone who is involved in making sure this event goes smoothly – friends, family members and other acquaintances – could not be more preoccupied.

Indian weddings are even bigger and madder affairs. The pomp and circumstance that is required only matches to the pressure of the event. After all, it is not just celebrating two people coming together, but two families as well. The amount of relatives and members of both the bride and groom’s extended family that are going to be present only add to the pressure of the event planning.

And what other than food to celebrate an event like this? Food and celebration go hand in hand, and any little mistake and ruin the moment that is supposed to be remembered for a lifetime. Hiring a specialized team of Indian wedding catering restaurant or company can help you avoid this mishap. Starting by looking around at the best Indian restaurant’s in your city might be a good place to start looking.

At Akbar’s Own, we are known as one of Vancouver’s Indian wedding catering restaurant. We offer catering services to residents of the Lower Mainland, be it for any event, especially weddings. We understand how important it is for every element to be perfect for a wedding day, and deliver exquisite cuisine in the most professional manner, with the right planning and service before, during and after the event is taking place. Our history and track record for catering Indian food in Vancouver is solid, and demonstrates why we are one of the best Indian restaurants in the city today.

Our catering Indian food services is not only specific to Northern Indian or Mughlai cuisine, but to other regions and foods in the Indian subcontinent. Our foods are prepared by top quality chefs whom will prepare dishes for you that will bring to life the tastes and aromas of India with every bite. If you are enticed by South Indian food or East Indian food, be assured that our service for catering Indian food in Vancouver will make for a  memorable meal.

If in need of our catering Indian food in Vancouver, do not hesitate to contact us. We will not disappoint. We would not be called one of Vancouver’s finest, best Indian restaurant, for no reason!

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