Vancouver best Indian Restaurant

Vancouver is a city known for its varied cuisine and high standards of food. Indian cuisine is no exception to this. Thus, it is a feat in itself when you are recognized as one of the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver.

Akbar’s Own stands out for its fine Indian cuisine in Vancouver. Situated in a prime location – close to the city’s downtown, this restaurant has been running successfully for over ten years.  Customers can choose to dine-in at their locale on Broadway or order take out.

The specialty of this restaurant is North Indian cuisine. North Indian cuisine is quite vast and varied, and comprises dishes which are highly tasty and popular. Some of these are: butter chicken, the main star or most widely known Indian dish out there, as well as other known dishes, such as chana masala, tandoori chicken, biryani, rogan josh, as well as flatbreads such as naan and roti. As you can see, the foodstuffs are endless. Another observation is that most of the Indian food that is promoted or marketed derives from this region of the subcontinent.

This Indian restaurant can also cater your party. Highly specialized teams of qualified Indian chefs will cook for wedding anniversaries, birthday parties or any other event one deems worthy of celebrating. Clients can request special dishes and dietary issues. Any chef or cook who joins the team of Akbar’s Own goes through a strict, rigorous selection process.

The fact that this restaurant’s forte is North Indian cuisine does not limit them from knowing and cooking foods from the different regions of India. No matter how lavish or preposterous requests may seem, Akbar’s Own is known for meeting its clients demands, making them one of the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver.

Indian food, in general, is quite varied because of the different kinds of spices one can include, and the different forms of preparation of food. Only the best Indian restaurants can properly translate this into their menus. The variety of food one can find on the menu of this best Indian restaurant in Vancouver is incredible. On top of that, one can choose the level of spice they wish to have their food at – for the less acquaintanced, mild; for those who can handle a bit more spice, medium; and for those who cannot eat anything without it burning them; hot.

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1905 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1Z3

Tel: 604-736-8180


Mon - Thu11:30AM - 9PM
Fri11:30AM - 10PM
Sat12PM - 10PM
Sun12PM - 9PM