Butter Chicken in Vancouver


The people Delhi are in love with one of their favorite national dishes known as Butter Chicken. This appetizing and tasty meal was first created India during the time of the Mughal Empire. Butter chicken came about by accident. It was created by the cooks at a famous restaurant called the Moti Mahal. They would recycle left over chicken juices by adding butter and tomato to the broth. This created a sauce.

6475The cooks then took the sauce and tossed it around with tandoor chicken pieces. The mixture that they created became known as Butter Chicken. After a few patrons at the restaurant tasted the new creation it quickly became a big hit. Now, many people around the world are familiar with the tasty dish known as Butter Chicken.

Akbar’s Own is an Indian restaurant located in Vancouver, Canada. This particular dine-in establishment creates exquisite Indian cuisine that is authentic and appealing to the western palate. Locals that visit Akbar’s Own will be able to sit in and enjoy the many tastes of India. We have one of the best Butter Chicken recipes around.

The Butter Chicken is cooked to perfection. Whereas traditional Butter Chicken requires the meat to be left on the bone; Akbar’s own unique recipe uses the boneless variety. A patron will not have to deal with bothersome bones while enjoying their meal. They will be able to eat their Butter Chicken covered in a creamy tomato sauce without fuss or problem. With each bite a person will quickly discover why Akbar’s Own is one of the best butter chicken restaurants in all of Vancouver.

mango_chickenThis dish is reasonably priced and customers can purchase this tasty meal from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Akbar’s Own can prepare your butter chicken for carry out orders. If you are searching for a different type of dish that is not a common part of your everyday dining experience, then you should try Akbar’s Own Butter Chicken cuisine. Chances are, you will not be disappointed once you do.

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