Best Indian Cuisine in Vancouver


Are you looking for the ideal Indian restaurant to give you that fulfilling taste of Indian cuisine in Vancouver? Here at Akbar’s Own, we are the premier Indian restaurant in Vancouver with a reputation for the quality of our food and services – both our local and foreign customers have been recommending our services on leading sites such as TripAdvisor and UrbanSpoon.

However, one would naturally ask, what leaves such an appealing and lasting impression on our clients? Moreover, can one expect all the goodies promised by our past clients on review sites such as Yelp?

Here is an overview of what to expect when you visit Akbar’s Own.

Guaranteed quality and authenticity in every dish

Jolly’s-Indian-Bistro1-450x267The quality of our Indian food and the complementing tastes and flavors is mostly what keeps the clients coming back for more. We endeavor to bring the rich taste of the Indian cuisine right to Vancouver by utilizing our vast cooking expertise and experience into every dish.

To this end, we use a vast array of traditional Indian recipes developed for many years and passed down from generation to generation – we are a family-owned-and-run restaurant. We also make use of authentic Indian ingredients combined with some of the fresh and top quality local ingredients to give our dishes an irresistible taste and aroma.

Flawless services

Our team of dedicated and experienced staff also goes a long way to ensuring you enjoy quality services to go with the delicious dishes. To this end, all our staff members are polite, efficient, and very helpful with anything that may be bothering you.

Serene Environment

Akbar’s Own also ensure you have a serene environment where you can enjoy your meals in peace and comfort. As such, the restaurant is clean, neat and decorated with colorful décor to offer you a spectacular view. It is also spacious for free movement and speech – put your guard down, relax, and feel at home.

To this end, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Akbar’s Own for any occasion, be it a date, an anniversary, or just as a family.


We endeavor to satisfy our clients in all aspects. As such, we offer our customers numerous benefits and conveniences to suit their different tastes and preferences, including:

Dine-in and online ordering options

You can enjoy our delicious Indian dishes at the restaurant or even at home, thanks to our dine-in and online ordering options.

EuLClZXqc5Zz7gIf you wish to dine in, simply walk into our restaurant and one of our staff members will welcome and serve you in a timely manner. You can also make a reservation in advance to have your specific dish and table ready and waiting for you by the time you settle down for your meal at Akbar’s Own.

Alternatively, you can visit our website on and order the Indian dish of your choice from our wide list of options. Once the order has been placed, your food is neatly packed and delivered right to your doorstep – there is also an option to collect the food yourself if you so wish.

Unbeatable prices

We certainly offer the best Indian cuisines in Vancouver, but we nonetheless also offer some of the best prices in the city. What’s more, the different foods and beverages come at different prices, but they all leave a great taste behind – this ensures virtually everyone can get a taste of our delicious Indian cuisine.


If you are looking for the best restaurants in Vancouver, look no further than Akbar’s Own. You are guaranteed a wide range of delicious, authentic, and satisfying Indian dishes at the best quality and prices in the city.

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