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Here at Akbar’s Own, we provide you with the best Indian food that is made from the freshest ingredients possible. Our food is an unforgettable experience that people of all kinds have come to love and enjoy. We even deliver our food to help experience great Indian food in a way that is convenient to you. We care about our customers, and we want them to have the most pleasant experience possible when they choose to dine with us for traditional Indian food.

ID-100148979You can expect the highest quality Indian food in Vancouver, which is made from fresh ingredient and seasoned with high quality herbs and spices. Our cuisine is like no other restaurant in the Vancouver area. We have our Indian food uniquely prepared by adapting traditional recipes with our own specialties. Come see what makes the food at Akbar’s Own so good, as we are known as one of the best Indian restaurants in the Vancouver area.


indian-foodWe have many popular dishes that people love at Akbar’s Own. They range from vegetables to chicken to beef to lamb. We also have a great variety of appetizers and side dishes that do an excellent job in complimenting our main dishes. All of our dishes are served with your choice of mild, medium, or hot. We want our customers to have the best experience possible, so we offer many choices to fit their preferences. After your meal, you can top it off with one of our famous desserts. Our desserts are loved by almost everyone throughout Vancouver, and they cannot be compared to desserts served at other restaurants. Our Mango Cheese Cake and Ras Malai are both two desserts that customers love. The Ras Malai is an Indian style cheese patties that is served in saffron and cardamom cream. Come try our delicious cuisine either dining in at our wonderful restaurant or through delivery at your convenience.

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