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Are you planning a party for members of your office? Are you looking to celebrate something that the group has accomplished or a birthday of one of your office members? If you are trying to pull together any kind of celebration in your office or if you simply want to treat those in your office to a great meal we are here to give you the help that you need. We offer the office catering services that you need to pull together a quick party. We are here to handle your Vancouver office catering needs, and we will keep things simple for you as you plan that office meal.

images (2)Whether you will be hosting an office party for a small group of thirty or one for a larger group we are here to take care of your food needs for that party. We are equipped and ready to handle your office catering Vancouver even for groups of up to two hundred and fifty. We will help you create a customized menu plan for your office group, allowing you to choose the food that is right for each individual who will be a part of the get together. We are here to help you please each individual in your office.

When it comes to the food that we offer everything that we deliver to you is made in a quality way. You and those in your office will love the flavorful food that we supply. We give you the option of vegetarian or non vegetarian catering services, supplying you with food that will satisfy everyone. Our flavorful Indian food is good for those who like to eat gourmet meals, and we will make sure that everyone attending your office party will find satisfaction in the food that is available. We are here to please, and you can trust our Vancouver office catering services.

Let Us Cater Your Indian Wedding!

choosing-a-caterer-indian-weddingHere at Akbar’s Own Cuisine of India we understand just how important your wedding is. Everything for your special day needs to be perfect right down the food. This is where we can help make your special day even more magical. Our culinary experts will prepare the freshest food available so that your group can enjoy your special day.

simple-wedding-reception-food-station-ideasOur dedicated staff of professional chiefs and servers will work hard to provide you with the most mouthwatering food for your wedding. We pride ourselves in providing quality service and great food. Our traditional Indian dishes are the most authentic in the entire city of Vancouver and if you are looking for a taste of home, you can find it here.

We are Vancouver’s premiere Indian restaurant and have helped many couples with their Indian wedding catering needs. We have a full line of up to date buffet equipment that we can set up at location of your choice. If you have a large group that is going to be in attendance, we will gladly help you.

We are a family run restaurant and we have been cooking amazing cuisine for many years. Our family has developed our own traditional recipes that you will not find anywhere else. This is one reason so many people have requested our services.

wedding-banquet-foodNo matter what size Indian weddings you are planning, our restaurant can handle the job. We have many people on staff and will provide you with excellent service on the day of your big event. You can choose from our catering menu or tell us what you are looking for. We can handle special request and will gladly fit you into our schedule. We have a wide range of foods so finding something you love will be easy.

So if you have a wedding that is in the near future, or just several months away, why not give us a call? We look forward to hearing from you!

Which is the Best Indian Restaurant in Vancouver?

Best Indian Restaurant In Vancouver

Akbar’s Own Indian Restaurant – Best Indian Restaurant In Vancouver

Whether you are a local or a traveller, one of the questions you will have when looking for a place to eat is, ‘which is the best?’ And with Indian restaurants it is no different. But with so many restaurants out there, picking one from the bunch is hard. A quick search on Google for “Best Indian Restaurant in Vancouver” will bring up hundreds of results, from Google+ pages, to Yelp ratings, to links to websites of many Indian restaurants in Vancouver. Trying to seep through all of them and pick the best is tough (especially if you are on an empty stomach). Where is the time? Just because it shows up first does not guarantee a quality meal. It is truly a gamble.


Best Indian Restaurant Vancouver for North Indian Food

Indian food in Vancouver really needs no introduction. With the number of restaurants willing to treat you to a variety of dishes, a lot of names come to mind when you think of Indian food. But not all are necessarily good or authentic. Very few can pride themselves of being called the “Best Indian Restaurant” in Vancouver.

Finding the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver can be a hassle, involving lots of visits to different restaurants. In between all the chutneys and naans, samosas and tandoori chickens, taste and quality can get confusing. And just like there are a number of Indian restaurants in Vancouver, there also are a variety of quality of restaurants – some serving good, authentic food, and some not so much. Save yourself the time of being treated in a place that does not guarantee to serve you quality Indian food and go for the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver.


Vancouver Indian Wedding Catering

A wedding is supposed to be a very special event. The planning that undergoes this event is tremendous and can take weeks, if not months. Every tiny detail needs to be planned out so that this day comes out perfect. After all, it is one of the most important day of your life: a celebration of two people embarking on the journey of their lives, together.  And everyone who is involved in making sure this event goes smoothly – friends, family members and other acquaintances – could not be more preoccupied.


Best Indian Restaurant Vancouver

Indian food is no stranger to the residents of the Lower Mainland, and neither are Indian restaurants. After all, the Indian restaurant scene has been a prominent part of the culture of food in Vancouver. People know where to go to satiate their needs for a lamb vindaloo or chicken curry.

But among the plethora of restaurants and spots to eat Indian food in Vancouver, how do you discern the good from the bad?


Vancouver Indian Catering Services

Food is an essential element of any event – be it a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party. And with Indian food, dishes can be very elaborate and can take hours to make. Especially if it means cooking for more than a hundred people. Every dish must be made pe
rfect, with the right blend of spices, tastes and textures.

That is why you should leave it up to professionals to take care of your food services. While you are busy enjoying your big day or event, caterers are working hard behind the scenes, making sure everything is right. Catering companies have teams of professional people that will take care of all the nitty gritty, and turn your event into a success.


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