Best Indian Restaurant Vancouver for North Indian Food

Indian food in Vancouver really needs no introduction. With the number of restaurants willing to treat you to a variety of dishes, a lot of names come to mind when you think of Indian food. But not all are necessarily good or authentic. Very few can pride themselves of being called the “Best Indian Restaurant” in Vancouver.

Finding the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver can be a hassle, involving lots of visits to different restaurants. In between all the chutneys and naans, samosas and tandoori chickens, taste and quality can get confusing. And just like there are a number of Indian restaurants in Vancouver, there also are a variety of quality of restaurants – some serving good, authentic food, and some not so much. Save yourself the time of being treated in a place that does not guarantee to serve you quality Indian food and go for the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver.

Akbar’s Own serves quality Indian food in Vancouver. Located on Broadway, this restaurant serves North Indian food, properly known as “Mughlai Cuisine”. Recently awarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver, there is no compromise on quality here. Besides the restaurant, they also focus on Indian catering services in Vancouver as well as throughout the lower mainland area. They arrange food services for events on a large scale like catering for Indian weddings, but also cater to small business meetings.

Dishes you can find in the premises of this restaurant are, for example: chicken tikka. For those who are unfamiliar with the dish, it is boneless chicken pieces cooked in a tandoor. Only the best Indian restaurants can master the tandoori dishes to perfection. But you cannot talk about an Indian restaurant and fail to mention their chicken dishes. Dishes like butter chicken and chicken Mughlai are cooked to perfection, with the chef’s special care and expertise. Another popular dish is lamb curry, which needs no introduction.

But there is something for everyone. Besides celebrated lamb dishes and chicken dishes, is an ample variety of Indian vegetarian dishes for non-meat eaters to choose from. Eggplant bharta, aloo gobi, and muttar paneer are just some of the meat-free dishes that can be found in this Indian restaurant’s menu.

If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Vancouver that serves North Indian cuisine, try out Akbar’s Own.

Note: Out of all the types of Indian cuisines that exist, North Indian cuisine is the one that has been more popularized. North Indian cuisine is the cuisine that is most similar to other cuisines of Asia, such as South West or Central Asia. Characterized by thick gravies and curry sauces, popular dishes from this area are household names. The most popular Indian dishes like butter chicken, palak paneer and tandoori chicken hail from this area.

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